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Welcome to eci/Spinnomatic™

The industry’s leading producer of Orbital Fastening Machinery has changed ownership. The same efficient, cost-effective and time-saving forming and fastening process is now available through ECI Spinnomatic.

Spinnomatic Orbital Fastening combines pressure and orbital motion to accurately form or fasten parts, replacing the need for conventional riveting, staking, spinning, hammering, upsetting and welding. The Spinnomatic is an orbital riveting machine which keeps the peen stagnant- providing a frictionless experience.

No longer are conventional riveting, staking, spinning, hammering, upsetting and welding needed, orbital forming and fastening creates the rivets you need without the delicate and breakable components. The finished product is unparalleled in appearance and uniformity. The operation is worry free, quiet and dependable- giving you precise control of rivet shanks for swivel joints.

The increased machine up-time and production means less time for production and reduced overhead costs. Unlike other more conventional methods, orbital riveting machinery provides a more uniform and flawless finish. The standard spinnomatic modules are easily integrated into automatic systems, unlike competing riveting machines. Due to the orbital design, less force is required by the Spinnomatic system, creating a safe, and more durable riveting process.

Orbital Fastening Demonstration

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